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Caracole repeats Swiss Open 5.5 Metre Title

Caracole (SUI 214, Bernard Haissly, Nicolas Berthoud, Daniel Stampfli) have successfully defended their Swiss open title at Société Nautique Rolloise, at Rolle, on Lake Geneva, after schooling the fleet on light wind speed and tactics. Winning four out of five races sailed, they retained the title with less than a third of the points of runner up MF XXII (SUI 233, Jürg Menz, Cédric Evard, Christof Wilke). Third place went to Dune (SUI 218, Philippe Kolly, Annette Martin, Philippe Dupont).

After only a single race was sailed on Thursday, Friday brought brighter prospects, but it was again a long day. One race was sailed in the very light morning breeze, but three more were sailed in the afternoon in a building thermal wind and great conditions.

Caracole won the opening race of the day in very light winds, after the Britton Chance Jr. designed Evolution, Desirade (SUI 113, Patrick Huguenin, Antonin Radue, Pascal Radue) led round the first two marks. She led round the top from the right side, extended downwind and maintained the lead until the second upwind when Caracole passed her. A second race was attempted but abandoned after the start and the fleet was sent back to the harbour to wait.

Less than hour later, the fleet was sent out in a building breeze for three good races. Caracole won two more races leading from start to finish, while MF XXII won the final race of the day in the strongest breeze to move up to second overall, while Dune (SUI 218, Philippe Kolly, Annette Martin, Philippe Dupont) ended up third.

The fleet consisted of 12 boats (2 Evolution, 10 Modern) from 4 Nations: Greece, France, Germany and Switzerland. The organisation from the SNR on water and land was perfect as always, with a great hospitality. The sailors enjoyed the event very much, despite the little wind.

The Coupe de la Harpe was sailed the following 2 days, with 14 boats, but unfortunately, only one race could be sailed due to lack of wind. It was won, again, by Caracole SUI 214. Bravo to this crew who has definitively established themselves as the measure for light winds.

SNR – thank you so much, we will be back, just organize a little stronger wind please.

Top 5
1 Caracole (SUI 214, Bernard Haissly, Nicolas Berthoud, Daniel Stampfli) 6
2 MF XXII (SUI 233, Jürg Menz, Cédric Evard, Christof Wilke) 20
3 Dune (SUI 218, Philippe Kolly, Annette Martin, Philippe Dupont) 23
4 MELX IV (GRE 6, Stavros Papagiannopoulos, Yannis Mitakis, Panagiotis Kambouridis) 23
5 Topaz (SUI 217, Andre Bernheim, Mark Buchecker, Urs Werner) 24

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